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Engine Maintenance

As the heart that powers your vehicle, the engine deserves some specific attention with an automotive professional to make sure it’s in good health. The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians at Haver’s Auto Repair in West Omaha, Nebraska are the exact individuals you need to perform maintenance services for your vehicle’s engine. With over 60 years of experience, our team has helped all makes and models recover from miles of wear and tear, years of service, and other strains that come with time. Our tune-up service is designed to help engines of all ages perform at their best, no matter how many miles they’ve traveled. Show your vehicle some love today by visiting our experts for engine maintenance!

Our Process

A tune-up service at Haver’s Auto Repair is designed to benefit all kinds of vehicles. When incorporated into a long-term maintenance plan based on your individual vehicle’s needs, it can protect performance and efficiency. Our service is always effective because we honor what your vehicle needs. If all systems are running well, we won’t upcharge you for an unnecessary tune-up. But if we find that your vehicle’s performance has dropped since your last visit, we’d be happy to restore its power to give you a perfect driving experience. Here’s how a tune-up at our shop could benefit your vehicle!

  1. Visual inspection checks for dirty filters, clogs, and damage.
  2. Inspect, test, and/or replace spark plugs.
  3. Inspect and/or replace points and condenser.
  4. Check and adjust ignition timing if needed.
  5. Check all fluid conditions and levels.

With so many components contributing to a fully-functional engine, repairs can be overwhelming. Regular tune-ups can help you keep everything in good condition with ease! We adapt our services to each individual vehicle depending on its age, make, maintenance history, and daily driving conditions for effective results.

Schedule A Visit

If you have a busy schedule, Haver’s Auto Repair in West Omaha, Nebraska wants to help you find a convenient time to squeeze in your vehicle’s tune-up. Contact us at (402) 289-5558 for help with questions or concerns and we’ll find a good time for your next visit. You can also select a time online or stop-by without an appointment! We welcome walk-in customers and promise a prompt turnaround. As the area’s experts, we get you back on the road quickly! You can find our shop at 15949 West Center Road just off of Highway 275. We look forward to your visit!