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Serving the Omaha West Area - Haver’s Auto Repair

Full Service For Autos & Light Trucks

You can find the Haver’s auto repair specialists at 15949 West Center Road in West Omaha, NE. At our West Center location, one of three service centers, we’ll provide you the same superior auto repairs and maintenance that Haver’s Auto Repair has become known for. Our reputation has been built over the past 50 years and has established us as the preferred auto repair experts of this area. We’ll continue serving our community with auto repairs that separate us from other repair shops. Let our team put your vehicle on the appropriate maintenance schedule that will prevent any costly repairs down the road. Our team will identify any potential problems as we perform our exceptional maintenance services. We perform anything from simple routine maintenance to complicated repairs on all makes and models.

Advanced Engine Diagnostic Equipment

All services are provided with the most advanced skills and equipment. We keep your oil change schedule timely, clean and efficient. This is how we preserve your engine and extend your vehicle’s road-life. Haver’s Auto Repair experts will recognize any potential problems with your vehicle and provide the necessary services. Thorough inspections of your engine with advanced diagnostic equipment will correctly diagnose any issue. We save you time and money by getting your repairs right the first time. We understand how auto services are an interruption to your daily schedule. While they are important, we know there are a thousand places you’d rather be. So we keep your auto repairs down to one trip, making them final, complete, and affordable. Your vehicle’s maintenance services are vital to maintaining the excellent condition of your engine.

Preventive Maintenance Services

We’d much rather see you for your routine maintenance services than see you towed in as a result of an engine failure. Overlooking your necessary maintenance can result in missing potential problems. Our maintenance schedules will prevent costly repairs, but in the event that your vehicle needs repair service, we are more than qualified. Haver’s Auto Repair technicians can handle any repair from bumper to bumper. We’re here at our Omaha West location to serve you with top notch auto repairs. Any brake repairs, engine repairs, check engine light repairs, transmission services, A/C repairs, and more are handled by our team of experts.