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Haver’s Auto Repair in West Omaha, Nebraska offers smooth driving solutions for all makes and models. If your vehicle has suspension problems, visit our experts for fast, reliable repairs! Our technicians are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified, so you can trust their level of workmanship and skill. Few auto shops have as much experience as ours. In over 60 years of service, we’ve seen and repaired all kinds of suspension problems — from worn and broken shocks, struts, and springs, to a combination of poor wheel alignment and tire wear. When it comes to the suspension system, it seems that so much can go wrong at once. When something is out of order, you may see faster tire wear, accumulated repairs, or decreased fuel efficiency. This all could take a toll on your wallet if you’re not careful. Luckily, timely repairs and service with our experts can help you avoid the costs and stress of major suspension work! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your individual vehicle!

Signs You Need Repairs

It can be hard for drivers to know exactly when it’s time to visit our shop in West Omaha, Nebraska for suspension repair. That’s why we are happy to share our advice so you can decide when exactly it’s time to see us! You can always contact us at (402) 289-5558 for further assistance. We are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns!

  • Excessive Bouncing: When you hit a bump on the road, it’s normal for your vehicle to shift and bounce. In fact, some movement means that your suspension system is working to absorb impacts and keep your ride comfortable. But when your vehicle goes over a bump and does a nose dive, dips, or continually bounces, that means there’s an issue with the suspension.
  • Shaking & Vibrating: Ideally, a vehicle with good suspension encounters bumps in the road with ease, moving smoothly with little shaking or discomfort to its passengers. If you experience a rough or harsh ride, or notice excessive shaking and vibrations, there may be a problem with the suspension system.
  • Wandering or Drifting: The suspension system connects the wheels and body to create a fluid driving experience. The driver should feel complete control and grip with the road in a perfectly aligned system. When the steering wheel is straight, your vehicle should travel straight! If you find that this is not the case or that your car tends to wander or drift on the road, seek professional help as soon as possible! You may need a wheel alignment or suspension work.
  • Tire Wear: Uneven or rapid tire wear is a strong indication that something isn’t working quite right. A good way for drivers to monitor their vehicle’s health is by monitoring the tire tread. Uneven wear patterns or rapid wear might mean the vehicle has uneven strain caused by poor alignment or suspension.

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If you recognize any of these symptoms while driving, seek professional help with the experts at Haver’s Auto Repair! Our ASE Certified technicians have been West Omaha’s trusted team for all kinds of suspension work for over 60 years. We are happy to provide a full inspection of your individual vehicle to ensure that the system is in top condition. If it’s not, we perform repairs quickly to get you back on the road. Stop by our shop at 15949 West Center Road anytime for fast service! We look forward to your visit!