Superior Auto Repairs in Gretna, NE

Team of ASE Certified Techs - Haver’s Auto Repair

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

An expert team of ASE Certified technicians is located at 20258 Husker Drive in Gretna, ready to serve your vehicle’s needs. Our Gretna location is one of our three exceptional repair facilities, where we offer you the same top notch services we’ve provided this community for over 50 years. The auto repairs and maintenance we provide are second to none, making us the preferred choice for auto service in Gretna. The goal of our techs is to help you avoid any costly auto repair needs by keeping you on a preventive maintenance schedule. This is the key to extending your vehicle’s road-life and preserving your engine’s strong performance. All of our quality services are meant to enhance your engine’s performance, and keep you off the side of the road. Our trained eyes and hands know how to identify potential problems during thorough inspections and check engine light diagnostic checks. Your routine maintenance trips to Haver’s Auto Repair can save you in time and money.

Get Your Repairs Right the First Time

We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to analyze your vehicle’s issue. Our techs deal strictly in answers and solutions, not in trial and error. When you come to us with auto repair issues, we provide you with the quickest path to complete repairs, and that always starts with an accurate diagnosis. This is another way we save you time and money, by preventing you from coming back to fix the same problem. Our maintenance services are vital, but we understand how auto services really are an interruption to your day. That’s why we make our maintenance services timely and efficient. We know how best to service your vehicle. Our technicians continue to receive advanced training to keep them abreast of all industry innovations, from transmission repair to general automotive service.

Prevent Auto Repairs With Quality Maintenance Service

As much as we’d like to avoid the auto repair shop, every vehicle will eventually need to visit. The only question is, under what circumstances? We’d like to see you briefly for your scheduled routine maintenance services, rather than see you dragged in on the back of a tow truck bed. Our maintenance schedules will prevent costly repairs, but sometimes even the most diligent maintenance will still result in repair needs. Haver’s Auto Repair techs are qualified to handle any of your vehicle’s repair needs. We’re here to provide our superior auto services at our Gretna Location. All brake repairs, engine repairs, transmission services, A/C repairs, and more will be handled by our specialists.