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Engine Maintenance

Taking care of your vehicle can feel overwhelming without the right team of professionals on your side. How can you decide which services are best for your car and what kind of repairs it needs? The experts at Haver’s Auto Repair in Gretna, Nebraska can guide you through our selection of services for all makes and models. If you tell us that your vehicle has been running sluggish and getting poor gas mileage, we’ll recommend a tune-up to get things back on track. Our technicians are dedicated to promoting your vehicle’s overall health, which is why we want to make tune-ups part of your regular service schedule. They protect the heart of your vehicle — the engine! The right maintenance plan for your vehicle will incorporate timely oil changes, tune-ups, wheel alignments, and other key services to get the most out of each individual part while protecting your budget.

How Tune-Ups Help

When we recommend tune-up service, we aren’t doing it just to find another way to make money. Haver’s Auto Repair never suggests a service for our customers unless our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians believe that it will benefit your vehicle. For many drivers, making tune-ups part of their regular maintenance plan is a great way to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns in the future. That’s because this service is designed as a check-up for your vehicle’s engine. We inspect the system for signs of potential problems, perform minor parts replacements to promote optimal performance and swap the oil and filters to keep things running cleanly and smoothly. Our detailed tune-up checklist covers every inch of the engine, so when you leave our shop you can feel completely confident in its strength and durability. Continue getting the most out of your car and help it last a lifetime with timely tune-ups with our experts!

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The purpose of preventative maintenance is to avoid future problems. We want our customers to understand that small investments in their vehicle’s health keep their vehicle healthy and prevent major issues and breakdowns. Even if you add up the cost of maintenance services over time, they’ll never outweigh the cost of serious engine repair, replacement, or a new vehicle. Take care of the car you have with the help of the engine experts at Haver’s Auto Repair in Gretna, Nebraska! We are here to help you achieve optimal performance, no matter how many miles are on the odometer. For more information on how a tune-up could benefit your individual vehicle, contact us at (402) 332-5570. We can’t wait to get your next service started, so feel free to stop by our shop when you are in the area! We are easy to find at 20258 Husker Drive.