Suspension Repairs in Elkhorn, NE

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Do You Need Suspension Repair?

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension work as one to create a smooth and safe driving experience. Haver’s Auto Repair understands this system better than anyone else to provide high-quality repairs for all makes and models. If you suspect that your vehicle needs suspension work, all you have to do is visit our facility in Elkhorn, Nebraska! These warning signs are your signal to schedule repairs with our certified technicians.

Warning Signs

  • Pulling to one side could be caused by a few malfunctions, including low tire inflation, poor wheel alignment, or worn out steering components. This problem puts strain on your vehicle, using up more gas and speeding up wear on various parts.
  • Bouncing over bumps and/or prolonged bouncing after driving over a bump are signs that the parts of the suspension system are wearing out. You may need to replace the shocks, struts, or leaf spring.
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel when traveling at high speeds likely mean that your wheels are out of balance, the tires are unevenly worn, the wheel bolts are loose, or the brake rotor is warped. Don’t ignore this problem, visit our shop for repairs!
  • Steering problems, including slipping, loose, or difficult steering may signal any number of potential problems such as low steering fluid, worn strut bearings, a worn or loose power steering belt, a bad steering pump, or broken steering rack mounts.

For most vehicles, normal operation of the steering and suspension is best described as “tight.” The steering wheel immediately responds to your movement, working together with the suspension components and the wheels to grip the road and maneuver smoothly. When there’s a bump in the road, a great suspension system lessens the impact felt by passengers and returns the vehicle to its natural stance and position quickly for a smooth ride. If you notice anything less than ideal function from your vehicle’s steering and suspension, seek professional help as soon as possible! The experts at Haver’s Auto Repair are here to keep your car performing at its best.

Why You Need Suspension Repair

Driving with suspension problems puts increased strain on your vehicle. You may notice decreased fuel efficiency, rapid and/or uneven tire wear, or damage to major systems. Our team of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians is here to provide solutions for your individual vehicle. We make suspension repair easy! All you have to do is visit our shop at 20515 Nicholas Circle in Elkhorn, Nebraska. We look forward to your visit!