Toyota Repair in Gretna, Nebraska

Does Your Toyota Have a Starter Problem?

Location, Location, Location

While auto repair is quite different than real estate, there is a common phrase that might be applied in a few cases. Most real estate agents will tell you that the three most important factors for making a sale are location, location, and location. The same can be said for the starter positioning on your Toyota--and that's not good. The starter is nestled in a spot that can expose it to road grime, such as salt, water, and other damaging or corrosive particles. That brings us to another location you should know--Haver's Auto Repair in Gretna, Nebraska. Rely on us for all your Toyota repair needs.

Symptoms of a Bad Starter

Perhaps you're wondering if the source of your automotive trouble is the starter or something else. Of course, you'll need an accurate diagnosis, which we can make using our state-of-the-art equipment. However, some signs might give you a clue. The most obvious is that your vehicle won't start. This may be the starter or another issue. Another early signal is a grind or buzz/hum when you try to start your auto, with a later indicator being a clicking sound when you attempt to crank your vehicle. You may have identified the source if you're having trouble and notice motor oil leaking onto the starter. That oil coating can cause the premature death of your starter. Further, if your lights respond when you turn the switch or push the button, but the engine doesn't turn over, chances are the starter has failed. Finally, you may have a short-circuited starter if you notice an electrical odor or see smoke when you unsuccessfully try to start your vehicle.

A Few Reasons Starters Fail

You might surmise some common starter failure culprits from the symptoms. Indeed, when a starter encounters substances that shouldn't be there, it's more likely to expire. Also, faulty wiring, connections, or other electrical issues can cause the starter's demise. Even a bad battery can take a toll on the starter because you try cranking repeatedly. Finally, the parts within the starter may simply wear out over time. Regardless of the underlying cause, Haver's Auto Repair can assist you with your starter and all needed mechanical Toyota repairs.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair