Suspension Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska

Yikes! I Need to Repair What?

Suspension Review

Your vehicle's suspension system is a network of components working together to tame the road. Specifically, suspension parts include axles, joints, linkages, wheels, springs, and shock absorbers or struts. As your automobile crosses an imperfect surface, the suspension softens the blow by absorbing and dissipating some of the energy. This makes your ride more comfortable (keeping you from bouncing out of your seat and bumping your head on the roof), allows you to better control your car (lessening tire disconnect from the road), and protects the vehicle itself (which would otherwise take quite a beating). As you can see, it's important to keep your suspension system in good condition. For all your suspension repair needs, count on the ASE-certified technicians at Haver's Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Costly Suspension Repairs

Even though it's clear that you need a reliable suspension system to minimize the bumps in the road, you also likely want to minimize the impact on your wallet, too. Unfortunately, some suspension repairs can be quite costly. The worst-case scenario, of course, is the need to replace the entire suspension system. That's a possibility if your vehicle has sustained major structural damage. Also, ball joints can be rather expensive, especially if you're replacing multiples. These connect your wheels to other suspension components. Some vehicles have four, while others have only two (in the front). Spring replacement is likewise priced according to the model auto you own as well as how many need to be exchanged. You need them, however, to reduce bounce and to help you properly control your car. Shock absorbers (also simply called "shocks") help lessen friction and prevent the vehicle from pulling to one side while you're driving. Although they last a long time, shock absorbers/struts are ultimately consumable goods and will need to be replaced. You can expect them to last at least 50,000-60,000 miles, but a set of four will set you back quite a bit of cash when you do have to replace them, particularly for certain models.

Watching Your Wallet

Even though nobody looks forward to making expensive suspension repairs, Haver's Auto Repair can help you make the most of your transportation investment. First, we perform reputable work, so you receive appropriate value for the services you purchase. Second, timely suspension repairs can help you prevent further damage to your vehicle, saving you money in the long run. If it's time to take care of suspension problems, count on the team that's been serving Nebraska drivers since 1957.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair