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The Major Components of Your Auto AC System

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer's day than crisp, cool air coming out of your car's air conditioning system. However, many people take the numerous components of this intricate system for granted.

That's why the car AC repair technicians at Haver's Auto Repair in Omaha West, Nebraska, are here to tell you all about the major parts of your car's AC system.

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The most important part of any automotive AC system is the compressor, hands down. Cool air depends on this component! The compressor's task is to pressurize the refrigerant to keep your air cool, sense changes in temperatures, control and monitor the temperature output, and move air to the condenser.


Speaking of the condenser, this part is typically situated in the front of your radiator. As the compressor is busy pressuring the refrigerant, the condenser is working hard to reduce the pressure and temperature of the hot gases being emitted by the refrigerant. It's also responsible for transferring the cooled liquid refrigerant to the accumulator or receiver/dryer.

Accumulator or Receiver/Dryer

Whether your car has an accumulator or receiver/dryer will depend on its make and model. An accumulator is present in cars that are outfitted with an orifice tube. Conversely, a receiver/dryer is found in cars with a thermal expansion valve. The accumulator monitors and controls the amounts of refrigerants that enter the evaporator. A receiver/dryer separates gas from liquid.

Orifice Tube or Thermal Expansion Valve

These two parts monitor the temperature and amount of pressure of your air conditioning system and calculate the proper amounts of refrigerant that can evaporate safely.


The last essential component of your auto AC we'll discuss is the evaporator. This part sits right behind your dashboard and cools the air with the refrigerant before it blows into your cabin.

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