Honda Repair in Gretna, Nebraska

The Most Common Honda Repairs

Hello, Honda

With so many great models and a stellar reputation for reliability and longevity, this well known automaker may have you saying, "Hello, Honda!" If so, you're not alone. Together, the models of the Honda line have amassed more than 1,000,000 sales in the United States every year since 2000. To ensure that you get the maximum number of miles out of your favorite Honda, get routine preventive maintenance services and timely repairs from Haver's Auto Repair in Gretna, Nebraska. Our team of ASE certified technicians are qualified to help you with all your Honda repair needs.

The Most Common Repairs

Be aware that every model has its quirks, so don't let a few problems that are more commonly reported than others scare you away from purchasing a Honda. It is, after all, a great brand. As with any vehicle line, knowledge is power. Educate yourself about known issues with your vehicle so you can be vigilant and make timely repairs. For the Accord, the most notorious is excessive brake pad wear in the 2008-2010 models. The manufacturer corrected the issue in subsequent years, and using ceramic pads alleviates the problem for those year models. Other issues include a starter motor that may fail on the 2013, unplanned automatic brake engagement in the 2018's, and burned out daytime running lamps for the 2016's. Similarly, 2016 Civics has a list of troubles, including soy-coated wiring that attracts mice and leads to multiple related failures (not starting, heat/AC problems, etc. The same year model has been known to stall when you're both allowing the car to idle and depressing the brake pedal.

The 2012 uses way too much oil, and the 2018 can leak fuel that ends up in the oil pan. Though not very popular in comparison to other Honda models, the Passport exhibits multiple troubling traits which include AC, transmission, and temperature sensor problems. Pilot owners sometimes struggle with AC and battery issues and fouling plugs in the 2014's. The Ridgeline has been noted for fuel injector issues as well as some other less common problems. Most documented for brake rotor problems, certain Odyssey years have brake failures, engine misfires, or transmission slippage. Early model Insights show a propensity for engine damage, especially due to carbon buildup. The 2010 are known for peeling paint. Other years have warped brake rotors and use a lot of oil. Some CR-V years have fuel pump problems as well as engine vibration and a noisy starter motor. The Fit has battery, fuel injection, and power steering problems in some years. Finally, the HR-V offers some difficulties related to the CVT transmission, failing oxygen sensors, and body troubles (bad window seals and bubbling paint).

Help for Your Honda

Regardless of which Honda you drive, let Haver's Auto Repair help you take care of your vehicle. We can head off a lot of issues with a solid preventive service plan. Also, when you do encounter trouble--whether a common repair or something more obscure--we can repair it for you. Your amazing Honda was designed to last, and we'd like to help you and your automobile accomplish that goal.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair