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Transmission Trouble? Maybe. What You Should Know About Certain Ford Transmissions

About the Brand

Before we delve into a discussion about transmissions, let's talk first about the Ford brand. Fords are, of course, great vehicles. Consumers know that. In fact, Ford sold 1.9 million automobiles to dealers in 2020 alone. Imagine how many have been sold in the company's history. It's mind-blowing! For the automaker to sell the number of units it does per year, and for the company to have lasted well over a century, something good is happening. Further, every vehicle name has something, sort of like the figurative skeleton in the closet. Every family seems to have one. For Ford, those bones belong to troubled transmissions in a few specific models. Overall, we still recommend trusting the Ford name as well as Haver's Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska, for all your Ford repair needs.

Specific Models with Documented Transmission Trouble

As stated, the transmission problems are relatively few as compared to the numbers of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs produced. If you happen to own one of the models with documented issues or if you're thinking of buying a used Ford, it's to your benefit to have relevant information. If you're a fan of the Escape, beware of the 2008-2016 models. These are known for a list of possible issues, including conditions that lead to low fluid levels, grinding gears, shifting delays, problems with the clutch pedal level, gear synchronizer wear, shifting to an unintended gear, and burning odors, vibrations, needle roller bearing failure, and slippage. If you're driving one of these identified year model Escapes and notice signs of transmission trouble, get professional help as soon as possible. The problem may become much worse if left unaddressed. Also, the 2011-2016 Fiesta and 2012 -2016 Focus have known difficulties. Called the DPS6 within the Ford company, these cars feature a dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission. With dry clutches, this particular component tends to shift roughly and seems to need to be fixed frequently. Though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hasn't deemed these cars undue safety hazards, Ford changed the design moving forward and offered a settlement package for impacted owners.

Your Local Trusted Ford Repair Shop

Whether you're dealing with a faulty transmission, another mechanical problem, or simply need preventive maintenance services, Haver's Auto Repair is your local trusted Ford Repair Shop. Our ASE-certified technicians are familiar with your vehicle and ready to assist you. In business since 1957, our track record speaks for itself.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair