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Noteworthy Oil Pan Leaks in Some Fords

Plastic: A Blessing and a Curse

Plastic. It's both a blessing and a curse. As applied to transportation, this compound has allowed automakers to produce a wider variety of parts at a reduced cost and at a lighter weight. Therefore, plastic has improved cost, efficiency, and availability. However, we all know that some plastics are not as durable as we had hoped. Such is the case with some Ford models' oil pans and drain plugs. Even so, you won't have to worry when you rely on Haver's Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska, for Ford repair. We've been working on Ford models since we opened in 1957--before the company even used a plastic oil pan.

A Known Issue

Unquestionably, Ford has a long history that includes many reliable models and components. Unfortunately, some models have a known issue with the plastic oil pans (and their drain plugs). The manufacturer has issued multiple service bulletins related to the problem. The trouble is most often documented in the EcoBoost engines (2.7L, 3.0L, and 3.5L). However, some of the larger engines are also impacted. Although the F-150 trucks (especially 2017) exhibit the most cases, the Edge, Expedition, Explorer, F-250/350/450/550, Fusion, Mustang, and Police Interceptor Utility have exemplary cases, too. Further, Ford's "twin" Lincoln models have presented the same problem. In addition to potentially problematic plastic, the gaskets leak more frequently than expected. Replacements are often installed incorrectly, perpetuating the trouble. Finally, the plastic drain plug- meant to be easy to use because no tools are required- has a design that can too easily cause user error, producing leaks.

A Remedy for Your Ford's Oil Pan Leak

If you drive one of these models and struggle with oil leaks and related remedies, bring your vehicle to Haver's Auto Repair for Ford repair. Our ASE-certified technicians can assist you with proper installation. We've always taken pride in repairing automobiles correctly the first time, so we look forward to helping you with your Ford.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair