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Does Your Ford Have a Faulty Fuel Pump? What You Need to Know

For well over a century, Ford has been manufacturing durable and powerful vehicles. However, just like every other car out there, these all-American vehicles are still prone to wear and tear. One part that can cause a lot of stress if it gets damaged is your Ford’s fuel pump. This essential component transfers the fuel from your gas tank to the fuel injector or carbs of your engine. If it’s not working properly, your Ford won’t move. While a faulty fuel pump isn’t immediately recognizable to the average driver, the Ford repair technicians at Haver’s Auto Repair in Gretna, Nebraska, are here to help.

Here are some signs that your Ford’s fuel pump has a problem.

Your Engine Fails to Start

One big red flag you’ll notice if your fuel pump is damaged is that your engine won’t start. This could signify several things wrong with your fuel pump, including a clogged filter, low fuel pressure, or a bad pump relay. If your engine isn’t turning over, call the ASE-certified technicians at Haver’s Auto Repair today.

Drop in Residual Pressure

Another sign that your Ford is experiencing fuel pump issues is if you see a sudden decrease in its residual pressure build. All Ford vehicles will have some quantities of residual, or left-over, pressure built inside of the fuel pump, even if it’s turned off. Always check your owner’s manual to see how much residual pressure should be left in your vehicle after it has stopped running. If you notice a drop in the residual pressure, this can signal a leak in the fuel line, a bad pump check valve, or damage to the fuel injector system.

Test the Fuel Volume

Even if your fuel pump has no problems holding the proper amounts of pressure, it still may be delivering incorrect amounts of fuel into the engine. Our car repair technicians can test your Ford’s fuel volumes to see if any problems are present.

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