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Check Engine Light On? It Might Be a Bad Oxygen Sensor

It’s always a stressful experience when your check engine light suddenly pops up on the dashboard. Your mind can run amok thinking of all the possible issues your car could be suffering from. One culprit behind an illuminated check engine light is a faulty oxygen sensor.

But what is an oxygen sensor, and why did yours go bad? The auto repair technicians at Haver’s Auto Repair in Omaha West, Nebraska, are here to explain.

What is an Oxygen Sensor?

An oxygen or O2 sensor measures the oxygen levels in your vehicle’s exhaust. Despite many people not realizing what it is, the oxygen sensor plays a crucial role in the efficiency of your car. Additionally, it ensures your vehicle is emitting healthy amounts of emissions.

If your oxygen sensor goes bad, it could trigger your check engine light to go on. A damaged oxygen sensor can also be identified by other red flags, including a foul smell or rough idling.

What Caused My Oxygen Sensor to Go Bad?

A number of things can impact the efficiency of your vehicle’s oxygen sensor. Many O2 sensors will experience wear and tear over the years because of oil leaks or harsh fuel additives. If your oxygen sensor is damaged, you could experience the following symptoms:

  • An illuminated check engine light
  • Higher fuel consumption rates
  • A potent smell similar to that of rotting eggs
  • Engine misfires
  • Rough idling

If you’ve noticed any of these issues happening to your car, book an appointment with a qualified car repair shop right away. We’ll run a diagnostics test on your car to quickly get to the root of the problem.

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Written by Haver's Auto Repair