Check Engine Light (CEL) in Omaha, Nebraska

What Can Happen in a Flash? (The Check Engine Light)

A Brief Check Engine Light Overview

Despite how it might feel, your vehicle's check engine light is not there as an aggravation. It provides you with the clue that your automobile needs service. It's part of the government mandate that US cars limit harmful emissions, and manufacturers use universal trouble codes to help mechanics identify the source of trouble. Typically, the CEL displays as a solid lamp. While you shouldn't delay bringing your auto in for diagnosis and repair, you can drive the car to our shop. There's not an emergency. However, there are a few problems that are urgent and cause the CEL to flash. If this happens to you, stop driving and call for a tow to Haver's Auto Repair in Omaha, Nebraska. One of our ASE-Certified technicians needs to repair the underlying cause of your check engine light before you continue driving.

What a Flashing Light Might Mean

Unlike the solid indicator, the flashing signal often indicates a misfire in a cylinder or a valve malfunction. (However, like a solid display, it can also point to a bad catalytic converter, a problem with an ignition coil, or a related issue.) Not only will this cause your vehicle to run poorly, but it can put your exhaust system and engine at serious risk. First, the improper mix of expended fuel and air results in unexpectedly bad exhaust. This takes a toll on your car's catalytic converter sooner rather than later. That's an expensive component to replace, particularly when you consider that it otherwise would last for years. Second, the misfiring condition can lead to internal engine damage that necessitates expensive repairs or catastrophic failure/replacement.

Reliable CEL Repair Near You

Before the worst happens to your car, leaving you stranded and your wallet bruised, bring your vehicle to Haver's Auto Repair for CEL diagnostics and repair. In business since 1957, we've invested more than a half-century in making sure auto repairs are done right the first time. Moreover, we're committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction, so your vehicle doesn't leave until it's functioning as it should.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair