Car AC Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska

Common Vehicle Heat and Air Conditioner Repairs

We're All Human

We're all human. As such, we're rarely satisfied with the precise temperature, climate, and weather. Inside our vehicles, we want to be warm in winter and cool in summer. That's doable with modern heating and air conditioning systems in our vehicles if they're in good repair. To ensure that your systems are ready to do their jobs, rely on Haver's Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska, for car AC repair.

Typical Problems with Heat and AC

Even though they're "cousins," the heat and air conditioning work separately in your automobile. Therefore, it's beneficial to speak of typical problems and/or common repairs separately. First, we'll examine heating system troubles. When you engage the heat and set your desired temperature, your vehicle utilizes a heater core along with a blower motor and fan. Additional components include hoses and a heater control valve. If you're not getting the warm air you expect, the problem could be something as severe as a bad thermostat or defective heater core. However, the issue could be as simple as low coolant (in this case, referring to the coolant in your radiator that prevents engine overheating) or air in the cooling system. Second, let's consider the AC system. This takes advantage of the cooling power of refrigerant. Major components include lines/hoses, a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a dryer, and an accumulator. Perhaps the most common problem is a low refrigerant level. Be aware, however, that you shouldn't need a refrigerant recharge very often. Otherwise, a leak is suspected. In addition to the possibility of a system leak, the underlying cause of poor or no performance might be a failed compressor, a faulty fan clutch, a broken belt, a clogged condenser, or even another less commonly noted problem.

Help for Your Vehicle--And Its Human(s)

Fortunately, the ASE-certified technicians at Haver's Auto Repair are here to help your vehicle--and you--if the temperature in the passenger area is too high or too low for your comfort. Committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction, we've operated as a family-run establishment since 1957. That's more than a half century of keeping your family traveling in comfort!

Written by Haver's Auto Repair