Auto Repair in Gretna, Nebraska

Get Ready. These Auto Repairs are Both Common and Expensive.

If You Have a Vehicle, You Have Repairs

Let's be honest. If you have a vehicle, you have repairs--maybe not today, but eventually. Your best plan of attack, of course, is to follow the automaker's recommended maintenance schedule. (If you drive excessive amounts or operate regularly under harsh conditions, our ASE-certified technicians can help you develop a modified prevention routine.) Beyond that, develop a relationship with a trusted shop so that you have someone reliable to turn to when your transportation develops an issue. In the Gretna, Nebraska, area, make Haver's Auto Repair your auto repair partner.

The Most Common Repairs that Might Blow the Budget

While some car repairs are relatively inexpensive, others aren't. It's best to know what these could potentially be ahead of time. While they may blow the budget you had in mind (which you hope is $0 because nobody wants an auto repair bill), the loss of transportation because you can't drive your vehicle is even more costly. Though not an exhaustive list, we'll outline a few of them for you. First, you obviously need to start your car. If you need a new starter, it probably won't be cheap. Your automobile needs to recharge its battery for starting as well as power components during operation. Thus, a functioning alternator is a necessity, but installing a new one can come with a hefty bill. As related to water and cooling your vehicle, you can expect to spend a good chunk of change on replacing a failing water pump, changing out a blown head gasket, or installing a new radiator. Also, major engine and combustion-related work are expensive. Such repairs include replacing the engine control module, fuel injectors, and the timing belt. Finally, a clutch is an integral part of the shaft and forward motion mechanisms. Though this has some durability, it eventually wears out. Replacement comes with a significant repair expense. These repair costs actually represent two monetary categories. Some of the components to be replaced are quite costly. Often, however, the labor to repair your car is more than the part itself. That's because reaching some of these impacted areas is complex, requiring disassembly and reassembly of other components to get to the specific area of work.

Making the Most of Your Repair Dollars

Although it's impossible to avoid repair costs altogether, you certainly want to make the most of your repair dollars. Choosing a reputable shop that has earned a reputation for honest service is important so that you know you aren't being dealt with dishonestly. Also, a facility and technicians who have adequate training and enough experience are able to more quickly identify and efficiently repair your vehicle. This saves you a ton of wasted labor and unnecessary parts. In business since 1957, Haver's Auto Repair is your wallet-friendly auto repair shop.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair