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What Can You Expect to Wear Out Sooner Rather than Later on Your Vehicle?

Nothing Lasts Forever

It's a fact of life. Mechanically speaking, nothing lasts forever. However, you can stay ahead of the game by knowing which components are more likely to wear out sooner rather than later on your vehicle. When you need preventive maintenance services to head off major problems or auto repair for what ails your car, count on Haver's Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska. We've been helping clients like you keep their cars on the road longer since 1957.

Common Points of Wear

While anything can go wrong, and you can't always predict how long something will last, some vehicle components tend to wear out sooner than others. For example, tires are durable rubber, but they are consumable goods. Once your tread wears too thin, the tires are no longer safe because they can't provide adequate traction. Also, a car's battery recharges and starts our auto many times. Eventually, however, the battery's ability to remain reliable gives out. When that happens, you'll need to purchase a replacement. Likewise, brake pads cannot last forever, even though they're designed to last you across many stops. Each time you brake, a tiny amount of metal is shaved off the pads through friction. Once the pads wear beyond a safe thickness, you'll need to swap them for new ones. Your ride is comfortable because of your vehicle's suspension system. It has multiple parts that can wear over time. This is particularly true of struts and shock absorbers. They can wear out through general use (going over bumpy surfaces repeatedly) or damage (a crash or hitting a major obstruction such as a hole or curb that causes the shocks/struts to bottom out). Finally, most pumps--which work continuously--can only last so long. You may find that your water or fuel pump eventually needs replacing.

Uncommon Auto Repair

While there are common repairs that are to be expected, Haver's Auto Repair provides uncommon auto repairs. We've dedicated ourselves to fixing your car correctly and ensuring that you're happy with the result. Our ASE-certified technicians are here to help you five days per week.

Written by Haver's Auto Repair