Signs You Need Suspension Repair

Is Your Suspension Healthy?

The best way to avoid serious car repairs is before they are needed. Catching problems before complex damage occurs is how drivers can save money on repairs and avoid stressful breakdowns. But how can they tell when a problem is on the rise? Keen drivers will notice changes in their vehicle’s behavior and know to visit Haver’s Auto Repair at the first sign of trouble. When it comes to the suspension system, these signs are easy to notice as they’ll directly impact your driving experience. If you notice any of these signs of suspension problems, be sure to visit our shop! Our location on North 90 in Omaha, Nebraska is here to help with any suspension repairs you might need.

Suspension System Problems

  1. Rough Riding
  2. The shocks and struts are responsible for keeping your ride smooth and comfortable. Which is why you’ll notice a rougher ride when they wear out. You might begin to notice and feel every little bump in the road — a sure sign that you need suspension repair.

  3. Pulling in Turns
  4. When the suspension system fails, you’ll feel the tugging and pulling while turning. Drifting is the result of worn out shocks that fail to stabilize the body of the vehicle under the force of a turn. This could put your vehicle at risk of rolling over!

  5. Nose Diving
  6. When you hit the brakes, does the front end of your vehicle take a nosedive? Forward lurching is a sign of suspension problems and could negatively impact how quickly you can stop the vehicle.

  7. Uneven Tire Wear
  8. Want to know if your vehicle has suspension problems? Turn your attention to the tires for more information. Uneven wear patterns are a sign that the suspension is not holding the vehicle’s weight evenly on the wheels.

  9. Oily Shocks
  10. While you are inspecting your tires, take a moment to also look at the shocks and struts. If they look greasy or oily, that’s a sign that fluid is leaking and they are not working properly. It may be time for a replacement.

  11. Bounce Test
  12. If you want to know whether your vehicle’s suspension is going bad, there is a simple test you can try. While your car is parked, press down on the front of the hood with all of your weight in an attempt to bounce it. When you release, the vehicle should not continue rocking. If it does, your suspension needs repair!

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