Shocks and Struts Repair

The “Shocking” Troubles of Bad Suspension Components

Stability is Good, Handling is Great, Comfort is Super, Balance is Perfection

Your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for the comfort, quality, and safety of your ride. Composed of springs, shocks/struts, tires (including proper inflation), and linkages, this system keeps your auto and its wheels moving in an appropriate and tolerable relationship with one another. Interestingly, stability/handling and comfort are opposing goals for a car’s suspension. The better the auto handles and the more responsive it is to the driver’s choices, the less comfortable the ride tends to be. Conversely, a very comfortable, floating ride offers less favorable handling. Therefore, the goal for most auto manufacturers becomes balancing the opposite forces so that a good balance between ride and control is reached. But did you know that if shocks or struts are worn they can throw off that balance and disrupt your riding and driving experience? Indeed, they can. Therefore, whether your wheels have shocks or struts, keep them in good repair at Haver’s Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Signs Your Shocks and Struts Need Attention

Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll know if your vehicle needs attention for its shocks/struts. They may need replacing if you’re noticing one or more of the signs we’ll outline here. First, you may feel as if you have trouble steering or directing your car, especially as you increase your driving speed. You may also notice that you feel less in control as you take on curves or go around corners. Also, your vehicle may feel less stable as you drive. This can include the sensation that the automobile is leaning or swaying back and forth as you turn corners, change lanes, or drive through an S-curve or similar traffic pattern. You may also feel the front of the car dipping down as you brake instead of holding steady. Furthermore, a bouncing that continues for what seems to be too long after you cross a bump, dip, or rough road surface almost surely means you need shock or strut replacement. Finally, like wheel misalignment, bad shocks/struts can cause your tires to wear unevenly. If this happens, you’ll notice the tread worn more in some spots than in others.

Reliable Suspension Repair Near You

Fortunately, if you suspect that your shocks or struts are worn, there’s a great suspension repair shop near you. Since 1957, Haver’s Auto Repair has offered stellar car care with exceptional customer service, including loaner cars as necessary/available. Our ASE-certified technicians are waiting to help you improve your vehicle’s ride and handling.

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