Hybrid Car Repair in Omaha

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The Better Alternative For Hybrid Car Repairs

There are a lot more hybrid vehicles on the road today, but not as many qualified technicians to service them. Many hybrid vehicle drivers take their hybrid vehicle back to the dealerships because they believe that is the only place to get quality services. We’re actually the best alternative for hybrid vehicle repairs in the Omaha area. Our ASE Certified techs are highly-trained and experienced in hybrid vehicle service. Hybrids typically need the same maintenance services and attention that regular gasoline powered engines do. However, your hybrid car’s intervals for general maintenance will be different. The Haver’s Auto Repair team will know best how to care for your hybrid vehicle, and schedule the most appropriate services. The oil change intervals will be less frequent because the hybrid’s engine is not required to work as hard. Brake pad maintenance is another repair that will be less frequent. Most other auto services will be required on a similar schedule. Bring your hybrid vehicle to one of our facilities so that our technicians can provide you with exceptional hybrid maintenance services.

Maintaining Your Hybrid’s Battery Power

Our knowledgeable techs are well-trained in all the ways to extend the life of your vehicle. Like conventional gas-powered vehicles, there should be a qualified technician that’s performing your hybrid vehicle’s services. We will monitor your hybrid vehicle’s battery life, and make sure that you maintain the proper amount of power. This will make sure you get the expected mileage and road-life out of your hybrid vehicle. Replacing a hybrid’s battery is a costly repair that we can help you avoid. But any repairs or replacements that you need for your battery can be handled by our team. If you have a check engine light come on, we will be able to diagnose it just like we would any other vehicle. Let our experts use our advanced diagnostic equipment to identify any problems. Routine maintenance from qualified technicians is the answer to keeping you on the road for a long time. Your hybrid engine will last longer as long as you’re paying close attention, and keeping us abreast by bringing it in for routine services. Our plan is to keep you driving your hybrid vehicle long past the 150,000 mile mark.

Schedule Your Hybrid Repair Service Today!

Give us a call today, and we’ll get you on the path to complete auto repairs for your hybrid vehicle. Our knowledgeable team has been trained to handle every aspect of your vehicle. Your options may seem limited for quality car care, but our services are on par, if not better than any dealership. Our prices are reasonable, and our staff if more personable. We treat you like family, and service your hybrid like only a specialist can.