Keeping Your Cool: Maintaining Your Car’s Climate Control System

How Can You Keep Your Car’s A/C System Running Well

Summer is fabulous — sunny and carefree — unless you have to ride in a hot vehicle! The high temperature reaches into the 80’s and 90’s during the warmer months in Nebraska, causing the temperature reading inside your car to soar past 100 degrees when you’ve left it parked in the sun. That’s unbearable and can be dangerous! A well maintained air conditioning system, however, is less likely to break down and leave you sweating. To keep your cool even in the hottest weather, bring your ride to Haver’s Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Our certified technicians can assist you with routine maintenance that keeps your system operating optimally.

Taking Care of the A/C that Takes Care of You

Maintaining your auto’s A/C system is a partnership. You can take care of some of the items on the checklist yourself, while you’ll need us to help you with others. Here’s what you can do. Even in cold weather, you should periodically turn on your car’s A/C. Operating the air conditioner for about 10 minutes each week will enable the refrigerant gas pressure to be great enough to allow the compressor to work properly. Also, this practice will help you remove odor-causing moisture from the passenger cabin. During this weekly routine, use the lowest temperature setting and the highest fan speed to get maximum benefit. Also, use the defrost mode for 10 minutes. Not only is this helpful in clearing your windshield, it is also great for controlling mildew. The Haver’s team can help you with more complicated maintenance practices. You should recharge your system with approved refrigerant every two years. Also, allow us to service your system each year, lubricating the compressor, checking your system for leaks, etc. (Obviously, if your system is leaking, you’ll lose your refrigerant and your A/C won’t cool properly.)

Your Reputable Shop for All Things A/C

Haver’s Auto Repair in Elkhorn, Nebraska, can help you keep your car’s A/C in good working order. If the need should arise for a repair, we’re here for that too, using state-of-the-art equipment and employing ASE certified technicians. Even better, you can feel great about entrusting your vehicle to us. We’re a local, family-owned business, and we’ve been serving area residents since 1957. So the next time you’re concerned about your auto’s A/C — whether you just want it serviced or you know you’ve got trouble — don’t sweat it! Keep your cool with the Haver’s team!

By on May 2nd, 2021 in A/C Repair