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Shocks and Struts Repair

December 23rd, 2021 by

The “Shocking” Troubles of Bad Suspension Components Stability is Good, Handling is Great, Comfort is Super, Balance is Perfection Your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for the comfort, quality, and safety of your ride. Composed of springs, shocks/struts, tires (including proper inflation), and linkages, this system keeps your auto and its wheels moving in an

Sweet Suspension

April 5th, 2021 by

Types of Vehicle Suspensions Haver’s Auto Repair in Omaha, Nebraska, knows perspectives change as you age. Take “suspension” for instance. When you were a kid, suspension was a really bad thing, meaning you had been dismissed from school for poor behavior. Similarly, you learned quickly in Driver’s Education that traffic offenses could lead to a

Smooth Sailing…On the Road

December 2nd, 2020 by

Major Vehicle Suspension Components and Functions Most of us are familiar with the term “smooth sailing”, indicating that everything is okay and the passage is pleasant. That’s what you want from your car — only applied to a road, not water. Let’s be real. The suspension system is hidden away underneath the sleek paint job

6 Common Suspension Problems

February 5th, 2020 by

What To Keep An Eye On Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to sustain a comfortable and controlled driving experience by maximizing the friction between the roadway and the tires and reducing shock. While all encompassed under the title of suspension, this critical system is made up of several components that work in tandem to provide

Signs You Need Suspension Repair

June 26th, 2019 by

Is Your Suspension Healthy? The best way to avoid serious car repairs is before they are needed. Catching problems before complex damage occurs is how drivers can save money on repairs and avoid stressful breakdowns. But how can they tell when a problem is on the rise? Keen drivers will notice changes in their vehicle’s